Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Three things I have learnt this week

My skin hates salicylic acid. A bit like its total aversion to lactic acid, my skin just becomes horribly sore and reactive when I use SA. Thankfully a couple of days away and things feel normal again.
Walking calms me down. I had a stressful afternoon on Friday at the end of a stressful week. I decided to enjoy the warm sun and walk home from the office, which is a pleasant 30 min stroll. By the end of it my stress had greatly subsided. I definitely need to do this more!
Rum isn't great when you've quit sugar! I hate to say it but it made my teeth feel fuzzy. I had one, then no more. I hope that dark rum doesn't elicit the same response, or light rum in a mojito! It was the first real 'evidence' that my palate is changing, and it was a little weird! I guess I'm more likely to stick to wine or beer except for special occasions when a cocktail might be in order (I'm not a great spirit drinker you see... this may have to change mind you).

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