Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Its been a long time....

Wow! I didn't realise it had been so long!!

Download was a lot of fun, beautiful hot weather, despite the promise of rain, and I didn't get a single patch of sunburn thanks to preparation and suitable clothing. The same couldn't be said for many people there who seemed to forget that the British weather is severely unpredictable and when they say rain, they probably mean sun. I may return next year, but the plan is to go to a festival in Sweden or northern Europe somewhere.

The main reason I've been AWOL for so long is that I have been incredibly busy, what with holidays, my best friend moving, family get togethers, work and life, I've barely had time to breathe. That and I've been struggling with clothes a bit lately, and have only just now got back to a place where I'm good to go.


Last weekend was Halloween, and I joined many other people in the world in celebrating. I'm currently a little bit obsessed with vampires, thanks to watching True Blood and reading Charlaine Harris' novels that the series is based on, the Sookie Stackhouse novels. So, it seemed only natural to go out on Halloween dressed as a vampire. Accompanied by my bf, who was dressed as the Sexual Harassment Panda from Southpark, and my best friends, one who was dressed as Alice from Resident Evil, the other as a Fangbanger. Unfortunately my fangs didn't work out (going to keep hold of them and get some proper fixative though) but luckily I have quite long pointy incisors of my own, so a cocktail of agave nectar and synthetic coccineal colouring gave my mouth that freshly fed look.

My dress was from New Look last year, bought for a bargainous £10 in the sale after Christmas. My tights are from Primark and are footless. I think they were £2. My boots are my New Rocks, my choker I bought in Dorothy Perkins I think, many many years ago, and my earrings I bought in River Island last winter. My corset is from Burleska, who have a stall in Camden Market. It was £60 and despite having put on a couple of inches since I bought it, its still very comfortable.

The Alice costume was made from a satin nighty from Primark, a lot of fake blood and some Primark glossy tights. The black skirt was something my friend had already. My Fangbanger friend was wearing a gorgeous dress from ? which looked black but as you can see from the photos is actually purple with a black lace overlay. It looked amazing!

A good night was had by all, much wine and drink was consumed and we danced the night away!

Next time: I have finally found what I think may be the best pair of jeans ever. Clothes from my new wardrobe and musings about stuff.


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