Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New year, new wants....

So now its 2010, I foolishly promised myself I wouldn't do too much shopping.

Well I broke that rule pretty much straight away by spending a small sum buying MAC online and by stocking up in Neals Yard at the weekend. Essentials don't count though, do they?

Yesterday I bought a new purse from TKMaxx. Its by Cynthia Rowley and only cost me £15. I think it should have been a lot more, judging by the prices on her website. TKMaxx had a lot of her bags in as well, for around £50-60 each. Given that they are around £180 on her website there are some bargains to be had!!
The purse is lovely, dark green leather, with a strap to hold it together as well as the poppers on the inside, with room for all my cards, photos and things I carry in my wallet, which I am very pleased with!

This morning I made the mistake of looking on the Pia Jewellery website ( to see what they had in the sale, and spotted this:

I was actually in TKMaxx yesterday to buy a bag, and this is just what I am after. I don't much care for
black leather bags, or anything that looks too structured - I like soft and squishy, and that applies to the colour as well. I already own a fabulous squishy leather handbag from Pia that my mum bought me last Feb in the Cambridge store, which is a gorgeous pinky beige colour, but I like bags (I own quite a few). And its in the sale. Umming and ahhing about it didn't help, but then in a stroke of genius remembered that it is my birthday in 3 weeks and have used the website's hint service to send a note to my mum (seeing as she asked what I wanted for my birthday). I've also sent her some hints about a set of stacking rings from Pia that I like too, but the bag is the important bit!!
The rings are these:

Again, I've been after a new ring/set of rings for a while and I think these might be the thing I'm after. But we shall see what the birthday gods grant me!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Finally, some new sunglasses!

Possibly an odd thing to be buying in winter, but my eyes are quite sensitive to light and squinting into the sun gives me headaches. I bought some new shades in the summer, but by the end of the summer I wasn't quite feeling their style, so I have been on the look out for some new ones for a little while.

A quick trip into House of Fraser whilst the bf was at the barbers before Christmas found me these little beauties. Not my first pair of designer sunglasses (I had a pair of D&G ones before) but certainly the most beautiful pair I have ever owned. I am seriously pleased that the weather both in Vienna and here has been nice enough to warrant some shades wearing!!

Dolce and Gabanna shades, from House of Fraser, £108 (reduced from £155).


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