Thursday, 30 May 2013

Why hate me for the way I look?

Every day on Channel 4 at 7.55pm, you can find 4Thought, a short film about a particular topic. Each week sees a new topic that the films present a series of perspectives on. "Why hate me for the way I look?" is the title of this weeks 4Thought series.

You can watch all the "Why hate me for the way I look?" films HERE

It was thanks to the tweets of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation that I found out about this week's theme, as not living in the UK anymore means I miss out on stuff if I'm not careful! All of the films are thought provoking, but Gena Buchan's story brough tears to my eyes. All the people featured in these film have experienced hate as a result of the way they look, three of the participants are from alternative subcultures, one is a Sikh and the other suffers from Cherubism.

I'm consider myself fortunate that the worst I have been subjected is the odd shout of "Greebo" from dumb ass teenagers in Plymouth or Exeter. I know people who have experienced worse. Since moving to Vienna I get the odd look, but the attitude here is much more accepting of sub cultures (race and religion can be another matter though). I think it is in part because it is a large city, partly because it is an incredibly diverse city and also because it is a pretty cool place to live, with a vibrant culture.

Enough of my rambling, go and watch the films, and spread the word. Honestly, the best way to reduce the amount of hate directed at people because of the way they look is to talk, educate and explain, over and over and over again if necessary. Start dialogues, politely. Invite people to ask questions. Most of all, be proud of who you are (and be nice and polite with it), and be true to yourself.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Jessica Black Beauties Nail Set

Image from Gerrard International

I've just spotted these over on BritishBeautyBlogger, and I am so so tempted.

I love Jessica polishes, they apply beautifully and last well. I am also a sucker for a black nail... I'm so tempted by this set, but I'm not sure I'd use the matte polish because I am not that great at painting my nails in anything other than a single colour (and I even struggle with that!).

But boy do I love them!! Check out BritishBeautyBlogger's post for more pictures!

So yeah... Hi!

Life has been so hectic! First finishing my Masters, then a big project at work coming to fruition, combined with some family issues and a hectic social life. I don't really feel like the last 2 months have actually happened.

Still, things are starting to calm down a little bit, and the decks are clearing. Which means I can think about returning to blogging more regularly, and hopefully, finally, about more interesting things!

For now though, I'll just run down the things that have changed in the last few months, and the things I'm looking forward to.

  • I have sorted out my skin. It may have taken an expensive skincare regime, but it is sorted. And the scars are fading. And my foundation (which is also expensive), looks great every day. For this I have to give credit to Caroline Hirons and the advice she gives in her clinics and on her blog. It was her information and expertise that made me realise exactly what I needed for my skin, and that there is no point having expensive make up if the skin is not right. I can concur with her high rating of hyaluronic acid for keeping skin looking amazing, and for helping with scars. 
  • I cut my hair and got rid of all the black from it.... (well, it is still a little bit red, but not in an unnatural way because my hair has always been a bit red). I now have very short hair. Which I love, because it makes getting ready in the morning really easy! 
  • I got a job. It is only a short internship, and I'm already half way through but I'm having a blast. 
  • I joined a gym, and have been making an effort to go whenever I have time (which hasn't been much as I've been away so much!). I really enjoy all the weights, but I really need a new pair of trainers!
  • I discovered that Marks and Spencers in Bratislava not only sells clothes, it also sells English food. Which is amazing as I can get things like Muscovado sugar and treacle, which are practically impossible to get in Vienna. 
  • I'm heading to the UK at the weekend for my first trip back since we moved. I am taking hardly anything so I can bring things home!
  • With that, I'm looking forward to going to TKMaxx, Boots, Superdrug, and Debenhams. 
  • Due to one thing and another, this year has been a bit up and down. So the Beard and I have decided to get away for some sunshine and pool action later in the year. Our current thinking is pick a couple of weeks, save up some money and go wherever our budget will take us. The only stipulations we have are All Inclusive accommodation (I'm not normally a fan, but I want a supremely lazy holiday), 4 star, warm enough to sunbath and swim in the sea, and preferably no injections required (that's my preference anyway). 
  • In June I will be making Christmas Puddings and Mince Meat ready for Christmas. 
  • I have 5 metres of linen and I intend to put it to good use! Trousers and a dress I think, for nice easy summer dressing. It is of course black.
  • I also bought some new Birkenstocks and some trainer shoe things and I now have practical, comfortable summer footwear to see me through the warmer months. 
That is about it for now.... There are tons of things coming up for us, and hopefully some of it will be fun. 


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