Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Back in black

I think I got my wardrobe mojo back!

Its all to do with my deliciously lovely new boots, which I purchased in Camden the other weekend. That and the other items of clothing I have bought... I've spent quite a lot of money this month on clothes and beauty, but on really staple, key pieces that have really made a difference in my wardrobe.

These key items are:

New Rock 161 boots - they have spikes and everything! They are supremely comfy and although cost me a fair old whack, will hopefully last me for years to come (my others I've had for 3 1/2 years and they are still going strong). They look fabulous and I've already had one person declare that they want to steal them off me!

Black satin underbust corset - I bought this from Camden Lock Market, from a shop called Burleska ( for a not unreasonable price. I had a corset from a couple of summers ago when I was thinner, but it doesn't fit anymore, and I've been after a new one for ages. Trouble, is, being a bit of a seamstress myself, I was finding it difficult to justify buying one to myself, when I have a pattern that I bought sitting around doing nothing. Still, this is a beautifully made corset and its pretty comfy. I'm getting back into wearing them again quickly, and I can lace tighter everytime I wear it!

Black skinny jeans - I'm very tall and have big, muscley thighs to match, and finding skinny jeans (or any jeans for that matter) is very tricky. I had been lusting after these from the Long Tall Sally collection since the catalogue arrived on my doorstep just after Christmas and I finally went and tried them on. They look magical. So I had to buy them. They go with so many things, and look good with the new boots over the top!

Black jersey dress - Another Long Tall Sally purchase, but this time in the sale! I bought it mainly for work, but I also wanted a nice black jersey dress that could be dressed up so I'd have something to wear with my fabulous cow print shoes that I bought at Christmas and haven't really had anything to wear with them. Its a very flattering dress on, and looks great with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath for work, or on its own for an evening out.

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick - This lippy is the perfect shade of pink for me - not too loud so that I can't wear it everywhere but not too beige/nude so that it looks like I have beige lips. The texture is gorgeous and the sheen that it has is to die for. Next on my list of colours is a bright vibrant pink. Having white blonde hair is so much fun!

Superdrug Luxury Sheen tights - A couple of my mates have been going on about these and the Luxury Gloss ones for a while, mainly about how they are indestructible! I must say I was impressed when I tried them on and they were actually long enough - a rare feat for tights makers! They do stick to your legs like they are glued on, thus reducing the likelihood of you catching them on something, and they were a good colour, not too dark on my palid legs!

All in all, not a bad haul.

I've been having a crisis of confidence in myself for ages, feeling like there was no common thread running through my wardrobe, no connectivity, and no real link to the side of me that loves all things Alternative. I was starting to feel a bit mumsy, which is a disaster for someone who doesn't plan on having mini mes!

I went out on Monday night to our local rock venue to see our mates play and I wore my red tartan kilt, black vest and my corset, with the magical tights, with some super cool fishnet type tights over the top, knee high socks and New Rocks, and felt good. Really good, which is a feeling I haven't felt about myself for a while.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Style Icons

I've been involved in an online discussion about style icons/idols recently (that is what sort of started this blog thing off) and it was interesting how many of the girls who replied cited Dita von Teese as their style icon.

Personally, I love Dita's look, but realise that its not exactly practical for everyday wear, so content myself with taking elements here and there to mix and match with the rest of my outfit.

I suppose I have 3 or 4 style icons, all musicians incidentally.

First up: Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy. She is gorgeous and has a great voice to boot! I love her simple jeans and t shirt style, sometimes veering into a bit wacky and wonderful. I also love how she manages to remain feminine and sexy, highly important when your voice sounds like that!

Next, Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. Ever since I saw them live a few years ago I had been lusting after a pair of below the knee black trousers teamed with some boots. I finally got them last January. All I need now is a well fitting white shirt and bingo, I am done. Ms Scabbia has a simple style, and is a chameleon of sorts - on stage she wears more practical boots and trousers, but in magazine articles and promo shots she can be in amazing heels and revealing attire.

Thirdly, Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation. I'm a sucker for a good corset and the more classic gothic attire of flouncy skirts and big dresses, and she does it beautifully. Always coupled with a pair of comfy boots, Ms den Adel eptiomises my ideal dress - if I had the time, money and reason to wear such garments!

Finally, Annie Lennox. I love her androgyny, and the fact she is quite simply beautiful. And very real.

That gives you a little insight into my style icons. At the weekend I'll start a tour round my wardrobe (which physically is about as far from gothic or alternative as you can get, but I likes it!), outfit by outfit. I'll also hopefully be able to show you the progress from my sewing endeavours.

My very own blog!!

I'm new to this, so bear with me!!

I decided to set this blog up after trawling the internet looking for style blogs for alternative folks. I found a few, but a the were mostly blogs for shops and creators, so didn't really offer what I was looking for. So, if you can't find it, do it yourself!

The main idea here is to post a regular blog about goth/punk/alternative fashion, including photos and ideas. I don't think I could do all the content myself, so send me contributions!

This is a non judgemental blog, so anything goes as long as it fits with the remit of alternative style. This is not about fashion, its about style, so if it looks good, it might get a mention.

Clothes, jewellery, body mods, tatts, shoes, boots - I want to see them all!


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