Wednesday, 29 December 2010

And so we move towards 2011...

I know, I know, I still haven't posted the reviews and things I said I was going to. My excuse is that 2 x 1000 word essays got in my way. I should have time this week to sort things out - I'd quite like to get up to date before the beginning of the new year!

In sad news, I lost my skull ring in the snow last weekend. It was a little bit too big and my hands shrink when they are cold, and unfortunately the vast quantities of alcohol plus the cold meant I didn't notice when it slipped off my finger. I am a little sad because I loved that ring. However, if it is not found (there is still hope!) then I shall think about replacing it for a birthday treat for myself.

However, I did get some lovely Christmas presents, including some 'goth' kitchen jars from Santa (aka Mum and Dad) - Mum said she could have got cream or white, but because I like black, she thought that I'd appreciate black jars :) She was right, they are lovely - I have the usual coffee/tea/sugar set, and a garlic jar, which I have been after for ages.

My boyfriend bought me 2 enormous wine glasses, inspired by Cougartown's Big Joe and Big Carl.  I have decided to name my glasses TJ and Arthur after my late uncle and grandfather - I think they'd appreciate the sentiment!!

I also got some cute socks with tea cups on (and to think my boyfriend was doubting whether or not I'd get socks...), a gorgeous smelling candle and some vouchers. My sister bought me a miniature perfume set by Anna Sui and some hair care products, which I absolutely adore.

They are from the Tigi Love, Peace & the Planet range, which is their eco friendly, organic range of products. I love Tigi stuff anyway, it is truly some of the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. This stuff is no exception!!
I have the Walking on Sunshine shampoo and conditioner, and the Let it Be leave in conditioner.

The shampoo and conditioner have a lovely fruity smell, and make my hair feel so so soft and clean. I didn't think I'd use the leave in conditioner, it isn't something I'd normally go for, but it smells delicious (cherry bakewell anyone?) and I thought why not. Just a tiny smidge combed through damp hair, then a quick spray of heat defender spray and a blow dry and I have manageable, shiny hair that feels gorgeous and thick. Two days later and my hair doesn't feel greasy or weighed down, it still feels lovely. I will definitely be making use of this in future!
One thing I really liked about the shampoo is that unlike a lot of shampoos that are sulphate free, it lathers really well and didn't feel like I needed extra shampoos to get my hair clean. This is a massive bonus for me, as I have really thick hair and sulphate free shampoos seem to always struggle with getting it clean.

So that was my Christmas! I will be back later with some catch up posts!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Apologies for the lack of posting

I am really sorry. I know I promised I would come and tell you all about my MAC makeover and my fabulous purchases. I do have the photos, sitting waiting to be uploaded, I have even got as far as editing them for size etc!

However, with the kitchen and by extension the house being in total disarray still, and impending assignment dates, my capacity to think of anything other than processes of development management has been somewhat reduced.

I will endeavour to update before Christmas.


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