Friday, 26 March 2010

Its all about the leather :)

Despite the spring coming, I am not ready to shed my outer layers just yet. Especially as in the South West the weather tends to be somewhat unpredictable and at times damp, so a coat is a must have item in the spring months.

Having quested long and hard, I finally managed at the beginning of March to find the perfect leather jacket. And at £50 in TKMaxx it was an absolute bargain. Leather jackets are still big news for Spring and Summer and that means they are everywhere.

On the mainstream fashion front, military and post apocalyptic fashion is big news. Alt. peeps will undoubtedly have polarising views on this: either it'll be considered a BAD THING because that means the 'fashionistas' will have the look but none of the soul behind it, or its a good thing, because suddenly buying clothes became a whole lot easier.

Having had a browse around the alt. fashion blogs that Google gives me on the first page of my search results, there seems to be a distinct snobbery going on about the adoption of more alt. fashion by the mainstream. Personally, I don't think that anyone has the monopoly on fashion - just because a certain fashion type was adopted by a particular 'scene' doesn't mean it is their's and their's alone.

I have to say I do have a certain dislike for the way in which clothing is badged against music, and I think this is particularly prevalent in the alt. world. If you want to wear military fashion, you should like EBM/Industrial. If you want to wear corsets and Victoriana, you should like another type of music. Why do we have to be so rigid? Why, as an alternative community, which prides itself on its supposed individuality, do we have to categorise and box up?

Clothes, like music, are subjective and as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I hope people can remember that before becoming too closed mind about things.

Except Nazi uniforms. They should never ever be worn by any self respecting person. There is just something so so wrong about wearing the uniforms of a mass murdering regime for fun. Unless of course you are a neo nazi, in which case I don't want to talk to you.

Here is a photo of me sporting my recent skirt creation (ably assisted by the wind!) and my new leather jacket. Shirt from Topshop Tall and waistcoat from H&M. Tights by M&S. Boots by New Rock. Sunglasses by Dolce and Gabbanna.


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