Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Preparing for the beach: Swimwear

One thing I wanted to do before I went on holiday was buy some new bikinis. As we're going in October I had to think fast, as it won't be long before the shops are overwhelmed with winter clothing. In fact here in Austria it proved almost impossible for me to find a bikini that I liked, in my size!

So I turned to trusty ASOS, who do free international delivery, for a solution.

And found these unusual bikinis!

I've never needed instructions for a bikini before....
Minimal tan lines!
They all fit well (which is good, because I had to guess the sizes based on their size chart) and will do nicely for a week on the beach! I feel quite glamorous wearing them!

The only slight problem I have is with the complicated one, the strap isn't stitched on very well at one point, but it isn't worth sending it back over, when all it requires is a couple of stitches, which is something I can do myself. 

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