Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Superfood: Avocados

There was a time when I didn't like avocados. Slimy, tasteless... I think that is how I described them the first time I ate them! For some reason, at some point, my tastes change and now I can't get enough of the green creamy flesh.

Avocados have numerous benefits when eaten, and of course taste fantastic. The fats in avocado are very good for health, and contain no cholesterol, which is good news!

One of the preparations for quitting sugar is increasing your fat consumption, something I did by eating more avocados and nuts. I love avocados sliced in a salad, drizzled with olive oil, or mashed on bread (wholemeal sourdough) instead of butter and mayonnaise, or with prawns or salmon in sushi.

But by far one of my favourite ways to eat avocado is with eggs - soft scrambled eggs served with fresh cherry tomatoes and avocado, sprinkled with chilli seasoning or walnut/pumpkin seed oil.

How do you like your avocados?

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  1. As pudding! I'm addicted to putting some cocoa powder and a dash of honey with them, using the handblender and hey presto chocolate pudding!


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