Sunday, 29 September 2013

Experimenting with Quitting Sugar: Week 4

Here we are, only a couple more weeks to go in the sugar quitting experiment. Which also means it is only a couple of weeks until my holiday to Tunisia!

So how was week 4?

This week has been horrible. Mainly because I've been ill. That cold I had last week went to my chest and when colds go to my chest I know I'm in for a rough ride. I blame having big lungs, it makes it harder to cough up the gunk. Even today I'm still coughing and spluttering in the mornings when I wake up.

The not eating sugar thing has been fine. I have eaten some fruit and some sugary desserts, but not huge ones and it hasn't had me craving for more. Thursday night I had Powidltascherl at Schweizerhaus - a bit like a slightly thicker ravioli with a plum jam filling. Super yummy and not super sweet as powidl are kind of sour plums. Then Friday night out to dinner we couldn't decide on which dessert to have each so the restaurant did us a taster plate and I had a little of everything - chocolate torte, coffee panna cotta, nut mousse, canoli... lovely and not a huge amount. Yesterday I succumbed to a slice of homemade apple strudel with vanilla sauce. If you've ever been to Austria and eaten good apple strudel with vanilla sauce you will know why it just has to be done once in a while!

A friend has invited me to contribute to a Pinterest board for sugar and dairy free food ideas, which is great to get some new ones, and help her out a little! 

We even went out for cocktails on Friday night and I managed to find at least 2 cocktails on the menu that were relatively sugar free (Benzin and Danish Dynamite if you're interested).

So, I've started eating a little sugar now and then, but not a lot. I'm not properly counting but I would guess I'm keeping to around 10-15g as a maximum.

On the reducing dairy front I've been doing ok - I've cut out my morning yoghurt and replaced it with eggs and ham for breakfast, and stuck to full fat milk. I'm still having the odd bit of cheese but not going over board (I'm still not convinced that I have a major problem with dairy based on the pattern of my acne)

Have you seen any benefits this week?

Skin: Much like last week my skin has been a bit crap but it has slowly been getting better. I blame the cold virus that has been hanging round my system distracting my immune system from doing its job properly but as the week has gone on and my cold has almost gone, my skin has got better. Evidently my immune system cannot multi task!

Weight: I stepped on the scales earlier this week and was quite pleased to find I was down a whole KG since I started this! It isn't as much as I'd hoped, but I'm definitely down cms and this week I've been wearing my black jeans which have been a little tight for a loooooong time. So that is good!

Looking forward to next week.... 

I'm away this week on business so food is slightly out of my control, but hopefully it will be ok. I'll take my own lunch and snacks for the train, and I have a plan for dinner on Tuesday when I do have a bit more of a choice on dinner. We're out on Saturday night but that shouldn't be a problem as we're going to a beer place. I could murder some grilled cheese though!

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