Thursday, 22 September 2011

Yet another metal rant...

I've previously posted rants about the world of metal and its at times rather narrow minded nature before.

Today I have been pissed off by a post on Metal Sucks - a blog who previously have earned my respect for their calls to boycott Burzum due to Varg Vikernes' anti semitic, extreme views. Well it seems that their desire for harmony in society doesn't stretch to women. Why I expected anything better I don't know, anyone who has spent any time with a bunch of people who like metal will know that women in the industry are often sneered at and presented as mere sex symbols, unless they either behave like men, or make less ear splitting brand of metal (oh, sound familiar? Yeah, its just a reflection on the rest of life).

Well, today Metal Sucks published this post. And do you know what? It pissed me off. I read it. Then read it again. Then tried to work out whether this was written completely tongue in cheek. Then I decided that if it was, it was way too subtle. So I decided to make a comment (yes that is me on there, getting berated for not having a sense of humour). Because ok, it may be a bit tongue in cheek, but honestly? Honestly is there any place in the world for THAT kind of image or that kind of post?

As Caitlin Moran says in her book, ask yourself, are men doing it? And no, I don't see any metal bands (or any others for that matter), putting pictures of men in prone positions on their album covers. So, while I don't think that the album cover should be banned, because I don't believe in restricting self expression, I reserve my right to say that images like that are NOT ok.

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