Monday, 12 September 2011

Oh I am so glad to have black hair again!

Apologies for the slightly grainy photo and the wistful look!

So, after my previous post about my hair, and a bunch of lovely comments about my changing hair, I decided to dye my hair black. I couldn't get the colour I used to use, and it has gone up in price a lot since I last bought it, so I plumped for Schwarzkopf Live XXL Rockin Blacks in Electro Red 96. I am pretty pleased with the result, which has developed a bit since I first did it into a lovely reddy black.

Elissa from Dress with Courage wrote a post about the effect our hair has on us a while back, and I am totally in agreement with what she says. All the time I had pink hair, whilst I absolutely loved it, I never felt quite 'right'. The new black hair however, feels right. I feel liberated and free, and it is interesting to note that every day I've styled my hair since I changed the colour, I've styled it sleek, as opposed to flicky and wild. I also feel like growing my hair longer is not something that I'm not sure about - whether that is the colour or it has finally hit a length that actually looks ok to me, who knows, but suddenly my hair looks good all the time!

One of the best things about having a more neutral hair colour is the ability to play with my make up more. I quite like having a neutral pallette to work with, both with my largely all black clothes and my dark hair. I particularly loved wearing some burgundy lipstick today and it not being the same colour as my hair! (I'm wearing MAC Hung Up in the picture above).

I have a new spring in my step, a new found confidence. A change is as good as a rest, or something like that. I'm having my eyebrows tinted next week to make the change even more smooth. Although I pencil my eyebrows in dark, quite a lot of the hairs are really blonde so its a little weird - hopefully tinting them will sort that out!

I hadn't realised how much changing my hair colour would change how I feel and see myself!!

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  1. I liked your pink hair but this is so flattering on you, you look beautiful.


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