Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sorry about the absence...

The Garden @ my parent's. Picture by Swedish Pete.
 You've not even noticed, have you?

Ok, so I haven't been away for that long in the grand scheme of things and certainly not in terms of my posting frequency!!

Today we have returned from a lovely relaxing week away in Cornwall, staying at my childhood home. The weather has largely been perfect, and we managed to pack in some sightseeing to lovely places (Heligan, Pendennis Castle, St Michael's Mount and The Royal Cornwall Museum), plus lay on the beach a couple of times, I braved the sea twice (despite it being cold it was tolerable and most rejuvenating), ate a load of pasties and fish and chips and generally rested.

Unfortunately back to work tomorrow, but I feel relaxed and ready to do battle with essays and the office. I also have some new ideas for posts and stuff, so watch this space!

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  1. wow! this sounds like the holiday of my dreams...


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