Saturday, 10 September 2011

How To Be A Woman, Normal Gets You Nowhere and the Seven Deadly Sins

I've been enjoying having a little space to read some books for fun recently. I'd purchased all three of these books some time ago but have been slowly working through them when I have time. I liked them enough to write a little review of each of them for you!

"How To Be A Woman" by Caitlin Moran

I've always loved reading Caitlin Moran's columns, so when I spied this review in my paper of choice I knew I had to buy the book.

I actually think everyone should read this book. I suspect a few people I know will be getting this book for Christmas from me. Moran manages to combine hilarious ranting with a pretty serious and important message about feminism, and her anecdotes often had me letting rip a heart laugh!

What Moran manages to do really really well, is strip feminism back to its bare bones and build it up in an accessible way - no academic edge, no man hating, no insinuation that we can't carry on with the make up and the fake tan and still maintain our feminist credentials. It has inspired me to be a better feminist, to really think about everything that little bit more. Which in the general scheme of things, can only be a good thing.

That ability to inspire is why everyone should read this book.

 "Normal Gets You Nowhere" by Kelly Cutrone and Meredith Bryan

This book was an interesting one - I picked up on it through the Illamasqua Blog; Kelly Cutrone is their US Brand Ambassador amongst other things, but I'd never actually heard of her before reading about her there - apparently she's quite famous!

The book is about.... well, I'm not entirely sure to be honest. I think it is about passion, honesty, beauty and peace. It struck me as being very much aimed at the US, where the culture is so very different, and maybe it is aimed at an audience that I don't really sit within. I did enjoy it though, and I certainly came away feeling like I had been inspired to do something. As an accompaniment to Moran's book, it worked well. Both books are along similar lines and have similar messages - mainly that being yourself is the greatest thing you can be, and women should be proud to be who we are.

So, I'd recommend it to you - it was an easy read, with enjoyable anecdotes that made me laugh out loud at times. It is smart, sassy, intelligent and passionate, all of which are infectious. Give it a go.

"Seven Deadly Sins" by Corey Taylor

I only bought this book because I have a massive crush on Corey Taylor. Plus it sounded like an interesting proposition for a book and I'm always curious to read rock star biogs. One of the things I really love about Taylor is his voice - just listen to the spoken word track at the end of the first Stone Sour album and you'll see what I mean - and his way with words. One the second count, this book does not disappoint - the prose is poetic and rhythmic with the same lyrical quality that Taylor's music has. On the first count, well, according to his Twitter, he is recording an audio version of the book. I will definitely be getting that!

The book is basically Taylor analysing the relevance of the Seven Deadly Sins in modern life, with his own "unique and cantankerous spin" on it (p2). He regales on topic anecdotes from his life, some funny, some shocking. To round it off, he presents his own ideas about what our modern day 'sins' should be.

I've never really been one for the Seven Deadly Sins. Brought up in a largely open minded with an atheist slant household, there was never really a place for them beyond their usage as the basis for Judeo-Christian law as we have in Britain. The most I've ever needed to know about them was when analysing the film Seven in my first year at 6th form. Still, I was interested to see what there was to say. I laughed, I cried, I was shocked and I was inspired. Not to do anything in particular, but to just be me, to the best of my abilities, to fill my life with as much passion for living as Taylor evidently has. Oh, and it made me want to sit and drink JD, even though I don't like the stuff.

I'd definitely recommend this to you all, it is full of passion and honesty. And the guy spoke at the Oxford Union, which is a pretty big deal.  Go read this book. It's pretty awesome.

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