Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Weight is a funny thing

I try to love myself, I really do. But ultimately, the numbers on the scale can't keep creeping up the way they do. And loving myself is all about taking control of my weight and ensuring that it doesn't get any worse. Which ultimately means changing the way I eat.

I'm guilty of being a full on foodie, and I love cooking. So, while the amount of shop bought pre packaged food is relatively low in our household, I do like cooking everything properly and I do love cheese. As a result I have found myself at 14 stone 10 lbs. Or *does sums* 94 kgs for you metric people (actually that is less than I thought. I have been overestimating in the gym).

I have oodles of friends and colleagues who have had great success with Slimming World, and last week I was chatting to a colleague who happens to have an underactive thyroid, something I am under monitoring for (mine is underactive but my body is coping with it, the medics think, its too early to tell). She was raving about SW and made it sound so easy (not that my friends didn't, but, well, you know).

So yeah. This week I am trying out the sample menu available on the Slimming World website and if I see a little loss this week then I will hand over my money to them. I have decided to do it online only, as I am so busy most of the time that meetings will be difficult to schedule in.

So far so good, the meals this week haven't been that different to how I would normally cook, just with less oil and buttery things. I even had a little bit of cheese on my spag bol tonight!!

My target is going to be 13 stone, or 83 kgs. So not much to lose, and should put me back at the weight and size I am in the photos that I look at and like. And my clothes should fit better, but it isn't so much weight that I'll be dramatically smaller.

My target date for the loss will be December sometime, but I hope to start seeing the benefits sooner.

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