Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Weekword: Wonder

Weekword is a blogging circle thing where someone picks a word and, after commenting on the pickers post to say you're joining in, you write a post inspired by that word. You can do anything with it - a quick note, photos, drawings - whatever thoughts the chosen words evoke in you.

This week the word chooser is the lovely Sally at Sow and Sew, and she has chosen 'wonder'. So here goes...

The word wonder conjures up Del Shannon's "Runaway", with that repitition in a funny voice in the bridge! This song was on a Sound of the Sixties compilation that we had when I was growing up - it was one of my sister and my favourite albums, thanks to our obsession with Heartbeat, the ITV series that followed the lives of PC Nick Rowan and his wife Dr Kate, as they moved to a rural North Yorkshire community in the 1960s. It was a proper Sunday night family drama, one that we'd all settle down in front of. My parents were teenagers in the 1960s, so often provided us with their memories of the era. Music was a big part of the show, and I think my parents enjoyed sharing the music they listened to when they were growing up.

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  1. I remember Heartbeat well and the soundtrack was always really good along with the beautiful country settings. Ah memories. Just like your parents, I remember the music first time round too.


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