Friday, 1 October 2010

Gorgeous new things!

I've been a little busy over the last couple of weeks but I have lots of new things to tell you about so I hope you'll forgive me!
Sadly there was no Jessica Victorian Crush to be had at the salon, but I am back there next week for a haircut so I will try again - that polish WILL be mine!
Since my last post, I am the proud owner of the following new things:

MAC Nail Polish in Jade Dragon and Rain of Flowers

Yumi Uttam Boutique Delacie Dress in black and Yumi 3/4 length black leggings with lace panel in the side

Jewellery roll

Black and white make up bag from Sainsbury's

I am also awaiting delivery of attempt 3 at a new winter coat which I can't find a picture of but you can see if you click here.

I have a busy weekend coming up, but there will be lots of things to post about when I get home! Must go and charge the camera in preparation....

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