Thursday, 14 October 2010


Is what I was today as I abseiled down the side of the old Debenhams building in Exeter. It's 140ft from the roof to the ground. 140ft of terrifying descent to the ground. I was absolutely fine until I went over, even when I was up on the roof looking out over the whole of Exeter. Getting roped up and standing on the ledge was the point where I bricked it. I think I screamed all the way down but it was kinda fun I guess... maybe if I had more practice I'd be ok with it!! Something to consider!

Speaking of terrified, I'm DJing again on October 28th at Hole in the Wall in Exeter. It will be my 2nd time doing it, and this time I have a 90 minute set to plan and play. Its a pre Halloween bash so my set will be Halloween themed, and of course there is the crucial debate about what to wear!!

Any suggestions?

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