Saturday, 16 October 2010

And relax....

Its been a bit of a mental week. Firstly work decided to get off the wall busy this week, then I had my abseil on Thursday, then my exam yesterday. This was all on top of being at the tail end of a cold that I got at the end of last week and still have the remnants of today.

All this has meant I've been neglecting myself and my skin, and the stress has done its usual trick of making my skin erupt in horrible horrible spots on my chin. I suffer from horrific cystic acne sometimes, and it is painful. I have found the only way to deal with it when it happens is to be kind and gentle with my skin, apply hot towel compresses and plenty of witch hazel and Neals Yard Hypericum and Calendula cream to the area which is magic healing cream (I used it after I had my tattoo done and it healed up within 10 days). Hopefully my skin will be back to at least a better state fairly soon!

I have invested in some different moisturiser from Neals Yard, and some new cleanser, both from their new Starflower range for sensitive skin. I love the cleanser, its gorgeous and rich and lovely. The moisturiser is nice, but I am a little concerned that the cocoa butter in it will react badly with my skin, but we shall see!!

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