Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chunks of silver

I love rings - there is something nice about the weight of them on my fingers. And because I have big hands and fingers, I suit chunky rings, the kind that would do some damage in a fight (not that I've ever tried!).
These are my latest pieces (clockwise from top left):

Rennie Mackintosh Carrick Collection: This was an 18th birthday present from my aunt, and matches a couple of other pieces that I was given that birthday, a bangle from my grandma and some earrings from a friend.
Large square ring: This was a purchase from last week from a shop in Taunton called SilverScene. I spotted it in the window, wandered in to have a look and fell in love. Thankfully the price tag wasn't too hideous!! 

Four skull ring: This ring has a not so interesting tale of how I came to have it but I am not going to repeat it here! It comes from Crazy Pig Designs, a very rock and roll jewellery store in Covent Garden that sells amazing hand made skull jewellery. You can purchase pieces from their website.

Wide banded ring: This was a Christmas present from my parents just before my 18th birthday. I spotted it when I was in Cambridge for my university interview (I didn't get in). My dad bought it for me then and there, but obviously I didn't have it until Christmas. Unfortunately my fingers aren't quite as slim as they were 10 years ago, but it does still fit and hopefully will continue to do so! 

I'd take a picture of them on but I have seriously unphotogenic hands and the picture just would not do them justice!

Its a lovely sunny day here, so I am hopefully going to get into gear and go to the beach this afternoon to take some pictures. I probably should go and get dressed at some point! 

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