Friday, 24 August 2012

Stars and Spikes

I'm not usually one for costume jewellery. I'm really really allergic to nickel, so until the law in the EU was changed to cap the amount of nickel able to be used in skin contact items to under 1%, I couldn't just walk into a shop and buy a pair of earrings or any jewellery that had metal components. Therefore I developed a bit of an expensive jewellery habit. I have some lovely jewellery, and nearly all of it is silver because that is what I can wear.

The change in the law meant that I can now buy cheap earrings from anywhere, although I'm still pretty much steered clear of them. Why? I guess as my best friend puts it, I'm a bit of a jewellery snob. I'm not going to make excuses, that is just the way it is.

Sometimes I spot pieces that make me change my mind. Like these earrings from H&M which I picked up yesterday when I went in to buy a bra.

Spiky hoop earrings from H&M €4.95

Skulls and Stars stud set from H&M €3.95

The thing I like about the spiky earrings (other than being spiky) is that they are really light. Sometimes hoops with adornments can be ridiculously heavy (like my beautiful black ones from River Island).

The stars and skulls set are a tiny bit cliche but you know what? I'm pretty fed up with trying to not be a walking cliche. Sometimes you just gotta pitch in and have fun. Actually there were loads of different star earrings in H&M, looks like they are going to be big as accessories this season. I might have to go back for some other ones to add to my enormous collection of star jewellery....


  1. I love those spiky hoops! I don't wear hoops, but I would probably wear them!

  2. Ooh I hadn't realised that the law had been changed ... I can't wear cheapy earrings either for the same reason. Of course now the holes in my ears have gone, but that might tempt me to get re-pierced!


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