Sunday, 12 August 2012

New storage solutions: make up and jewellery

I present to you my completely revitalised make up and jewellery storage.

The unit at the bottom is the ubiquitous Ikea Helmer unit in white, beloved by so many make up and nail bloggers the world over. The less than pretty organiser on top is my former make up storage, a screw organiser I believe, which is now housing all my jewellery. As you can see, my perfume lives on top. (Sorry the picture is a bit wonky, I was crouching down on the floor).

To keep my make up tidy inside I also bought 3 of the Antonius inserts, as recommended by Lipglossiping. I had planned to do the lipstick origami storage, but I don't really have that many lipsticks and my storage is working so far.

So here are some of the drawers... I don't have as much make up as some, but its nice to be able to get everything in one place, with space for more stuff if I need it. Which basically means my dressing table only has my mirror, a fancy jewellery box in the shape of a chair with a vampire lion mouse sitting in it and my make up brushes on top. There is so much space!

Of course it needed labels on the front, so I made some this morning:

We have a great magnet collection that used to live on our fridge. Unfortunately for the magnets, our fridge is inside a cupboard in this flat, so we haven't had anywhere to put them, until now!! The 2 little ones on the top drawer were freebies from the Nivea Haus and feature old Nivea adverts. They were totally worth the trip down there!

Once I'd cleaned out my old make up storage case, I realised that it would be perfect for my jewellery, which was crammed into a traditional jewellery box, and a clip lock box in my cupboard. I hate those traditional jewellery boxes, they really don't work for me. This isn't the prettiest storage solution, but it fits the bill until I can afford one of these.

My tiny perfume collection lives on top so not to block the drawers from opening. I'm really pleased with the end result, and have already found that I am keeping my dressing table tidier, and wearing more of my jewellery than before. 

Ikea Helmer: €24.99
Ikea Antonius x 3: €6
Stanley Organiser: £13.99 (no longer available, similar here)


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