Sunday, 12 August 2012

Customised t shirt

I had this t shirt that I loved the design of, but the shape was a basic t shirt with sleeves (I stupidly didn't take a proper picture before I hacked away at it...)

I bought it before I lost weight, and it felt a little big. I also didn't feel it was particularly feminine or flattering. So, a few snips here, a few snips there, and a bunch of safety pins et voila! A top which looks and feels much more 'me'.

The safety pins are helping to nip the shirt in a bit to give a better fit.

Skirt: made by me
T shirt: TKMaxx (summer 11), customised by me
Leggings: Warehouse
Boots: Doc Marten


  1. Good job. I turned one of my boyfriend's old tshirts into a halter top once but I've never worn it, it's pretty small. I really like what you did with the t-shirt.

    Also that skirt is amazing! How did you get the pulled up bits to sit right, mine never do that!

  2. Thanks Laura!
    Um a lot of swearing and fiddling? It does get easier with practice, I've done four skirts like that now and it was easier every time! I also have a really lovely bf who is good at helping and eyeballing things to make sure they look right.


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