Monday, 27 August 2012

Autumn/Winter Gig Excitement!

Not having a job sucks because I don't have oodles of cash (not that I ever had oodles you understand, just a heck of a lot more than I do now!) to go to gigs. And unfortunately I have noticed that gig prices here are often higher than in the UK. I think this is possibly because metal/rock music is a lot more popular over here, and a lot of the European bands I like have bigger followings (can you imagine paying more than about £20 to see Sabaton in the UK? It is nearly double that here) so can charge more for their tickets (Billy Talent tickets in October are going for over €40).

So I have to be a bit more picky about what I go and see, despite there being quite a few things I'd like to go to. But, excitement of excitement, I'm getting to see three of my favourite bands this autumn and that does please me!

First up, Within Temptation. I mentioned it before, but I'm going to their 15th Anniversary show Elements in Antwerp with the Beard and my Mum. I am really really looking forward to it (especially as we're combining the trip with a visit to Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities after Vienna), and the trailer the band released last week promises loads of amazing things, in true Within Temptation theatrical style.

Then, at the end of November, Stone Sour are playing here in Vienna. They announced the tour last week and I had a couple of days wait until the tickets went on sale but then they were mine.... I just have to pick them up this week from the ticket office.
They play Wien Gasometer (which is a nice small venue) on November 30th and will be joined by Papa Roach (assuming Jacoby Shaddix' voice is ok after surgery by then). Not a bad line up and the price wasn't too high - tickets are €34. The Beard is coming to this one as well. I last saw Stone Sour play in 2010 at Rock Im Park, just before they released Audio Secrecy. Their new album House of God and Bones Part 1 is being released a month before this gig, and hopefully they'll play a good selection of tracks from Audio Secrecy - I've not seen them do any of those live!

Finally, a couple of weeks after that, I have a ticket to see Soil, Fozzy and Breed77 at Szene, a small venue in Vienna.

I have a running joke that I only ever hear Soil's Halo at 1am when I'm out at clubs. Not sure what the curfew will be like for this gig, but maybe it'll be 1am when they play it?
I'm only going because of Breed 77 - I've loved them for a long time and haven't been able to make a gig of theirs for a while. I've seen Soil before in 2006, but that was when they had a different lead singer for a while. It should be a good gig, and I always always get excited about seeing Breed 77.

It is going to be a bit of a busy time gig wise, but oh so worth it!! I'm hoping to get to a few more gigs, time and money allowing, and will of course bring you reviews of all of them!


  1. Gigs are pretty expensive here too. I missed the Dresden Dolls because it was $60 and really regretted it! Most of the others I have been interested in are more expensive.

    1. Owch!! Sometimes it is good that the Mr doesn't like gigs that much, at least I only have to buy 1 ticket!!


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