Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Too early for A/W 12/13?

The weather here in Vienna at the moment is fabulous and the mercury is rising ever higher. I'm not the world's greatest fan of the heat, but I am acclimatising to it slowly. It helps when you have weekends sitting by a pool or a lake courtesy of friends... the addition of sparkling wine is an optional extra that makes it extra bearable....

Despite (or maybe because of) the rising temperatures, my thoughts are turning to my autumn/winter 2012/13 wardrobe and how I'd like to approach it. This year will be a bit different to years gone by, due to me achieving a weight I am happy with, and since ditching my car and therefore increasing the amount of walking I do, I feel better about my body than I have done in a loooong time (I'm spending most of the time in shorts, something I would never have done a year ago!).

I intend to make a lot of stuff myself, we have the awesome Komolka which is a treasure trove of fabric, so all I need is a little inspiration!

So, first up: V.O. Clothing. I discovered this little gem on GothicOrg and I love it all!!

Like this top, which is amazing....

I love the leggings as well!

I really want some skinny jeans again this winter, and I love these from Long Tall Sally

I think they would be perfect with my New Rocks/Doc Martens, a studded belt and my heart spotted cardigan for the day, and would work equally well with my sequin top and high heels for night.

I love the design on this tshirt, but its Alexander McQueen, so what is there not to love? At £155 I think its a little beyond my budget, but it is pretty nonetheless.

This top by Gareth Pugh is lovely. The price tag is still beyond my reach but a girl can dream right....

I would like a couple of new jumpers as well, but I haven't seen any I like yet, maybe it is a little too early for them!

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