Thursday, 26 July 2012

The party just can't go on....

This morning I am resolving to do something positive. Since moving here, I have been indulging a lot. Regular readers will know that I joined Slimming World at the end of last year to lose some of the weight I'd put on over the years of fun with my bf. I reached my final target sometime in February.

The thing is, I've been unemployed for several months now and those months have been one long party. Which the scales now say has got to stop. I haven't put a lot of weight back on, but I have gone back to my original target. My skin is suffering as well and I just don't feel as good as I did.

I know the culprit. It is alcohol. When I was doing Slimming World in the UK it was easy for me to stop drinking except at weekends - I was always out and about somewhere in the evenings and I usually had to drive. And if I didn't, I'd volunteer to drive anyway. I sold my car when I moved and because the public transport is so good here I don't need one. It is all too easy to have a beer here and there. And because beer is so cheap but good, and wine is so cheap, there is usually some in the house. The endless supply of cakes and bread isn't helping either.

So it stops. We're going out tonight and I shan't be drinking. I shall stick to water. I will be eating some of the apricot frangipani tart I made last night, but that will be accounted for and offset by the swimming I hope to do this afternoon, or tomorrow morning. And no more mid afternoon doughnuts....


  1. Yep, I hear you there. The hot weather also doesn't help the booze situation. The temptation to drink beer in the garden in the sun is pretty strong. I am so far failing to resist it totally myself.

  2. This sounds strangely familiar... Beer and wine and crisps and cakes...

  3. Good on you, hang in there! I was really good about exercise and low GI for ages, given I was heading in the diabetes direction, but then I keep being bad and eating junk food again, heading back down that path. I need to be stronger and eat well all the time!


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