Monday, 10 October 2011

An update from me

Sorry I've been absent again - it has been a bit of a hectic couple of weeks with dressmaking, work, sorting the house out after weeks of neglect...

The next seven days sees the final 2 exams of my MSc, so I'm going to be focussing on preparing for those this week, but once I'm done with those I can definitely come back to blogging properly. I've got loads of post topics lined up to research and write, and I'm really really looking forward to getting into it! So for now, an update on a few things!

Slimming World is working really well for me - I have lost a total of 6lbs since I started 3 weeks ago and am actually finding it really easy to stick to. We started to get a veg box to help with food shopping and that has been fantastic.

The dressmaking last week went well and I managed to pull out the bag a gorgeous spotty dress that fitted perfectly with the 1930s theme of the wedding I wore it to. At which The Beard actually danced (he was very dashing in his press photographer outfit):

Nope, I don't know what we're doing there either.
Unfortunately getting caught up in the fun and festivities meant that all thoughts of proper full length dress photos were forgotten. So, you'll have to wait - I shall be doing a round up of all the things I've made this year in a month or so.

Sadly my skin has taken a bit of a turn for the worse and I have now plucked up the courage to go and see a Dr about it. I'm not fond of Drs, and last time I asked about my skin I got fobbed off. Right now just the thought of going to the Drs next week is making me feel anxious, as well as the feelings of hopelessness about my skin - quite frankly at the moment I just want to cry. But, after nearly 10 years of skin misery, something needs to be done. I'm going to see the nice Dr who has been lovely to both me and The Beard, so I'm hopeful that I will be taken seriously.

This is what I'm living with and have been for nearly 10 years.

Good make up can and will cover a lot of this up and make it look better (the new MAC foundation is fabulous - review to come shortly) but it can only do so much. The bunch of spots on my jaw in the top photo have been there for about 3 months now, in varying states. Sore, red, inflamed, I'm simply fed up of looking in the mirror and seeing those images. I'm fed up of photos being ruined by those spots, because even if I manage to cover them up with make up, the camera seems to be able to see right through it, unless I wear super thick foundation which I hate doing.

Luckily my skin hasn't really scarred at all, so if the spots can be made to go away, then my skin should be quite nice again. Seeking medical help really is a last resort - I've tried every lotion and potion known to man, I don't have oily skin so most of the formulations to tackle acne don't actually help because they make the rest of my skin look terrible, I've tried treating it as if it is sensitive, but again, I don't really have dry skin and the majority of the formulations are suited to that skin type. I actually have very normal skin apart from the acne! I've tried herbal supplements which sort of work, I eat well, drink loads of water, all to no avail. In all likelihood it is stress that causes it but I don't think I have any more stress than the next person, so unless I win the lottery and can give up work and lounge around eating grapes, there isn't much room to wiggle on that!

My appointment is next Monday after my final exam, so I will report back then.

On a cheerier note, I have some gorgeous fabrics with which to make some fabulous outfits, so I shall be endeavouring to make those soon. Once I'm done with those I'll do a round up post of all the clothes I've made this year (which will actually be quite a lot).

So, almost there and I really hope you can bear with me just a little bit longer until all the studying is done. I promise there will be bigger and better posts afterwards, and I do have some interesting ones lined up.

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  1. Hi, just noticed your blog (linked from your comment on Already Pretty) and wanted to encourage you with your skin issues. I had acne on my face, back and chest for about fifteen years and it affected my self-image in a huge way. After realising that all the lotions, etc, I had been applying would never heal my condition, I finally plucked up the courage this year to ask my doctor for a referral to a dermatologist (scary! But it was FINE, really!). I did a course of isotretinoin and it was a terrible 6 months (the drug is not for everyone) but it absolutely worked for me. No acne at all and I feel amazing inside and out. So while this isn't a "you-should-try-isotretinoin!" comment, do go see your doctor and see what can be done. Best wishes from a Canadian!


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