Tuesday, 25 October 2011

REVIEW: No.7 Lash Adapt Mascara

Another review for you - this time some mascara.

I think mascara is one of those desert island products, and the search for the best one is seemingly never ending. A crucial part of any dark eye make up, it is a product I cannot live without, especially as I have quite light eye lashes.

As I blogged earlier in the summer, although I have found my perfect mascara in Chanel's Inimitable and Base, the price point of £45 for both is not feasible for me any longer. So I started my quest for a mascara that met my criteria.

And then a friend recommended No. 7's new mascara. For those of you who don't know about No. 7, it is one of the instore brands of Boots, our well loved highstreet chemist/beauty shop. I suppose Boots is as close to a drugstore as we get in the UK. No.7 is a well established brand at the higher end of drugstore prices, comparable to Revlon. Generally I find No.7 quality to be pretty good, but I find them a bit bland in terms of colours and formulations, although that is slowly changing. Before she discovered Lancome and other high end brands my mum had a shed load of No.7 stuff. Which I used to steal. I don't know if she knew, she does now!

Anyway, No. 7 have just brought out a new mascara that is absolutely fabulous. I am so glad I took a punt on it (using one of the now legendary £5 off vouchers that seem to breed like rabbits). I am not sure I could ask for a better mascara for the price. Here's why.

The Blurb: "This unique formula puts lash control firmly into your hands, allowing you to take your look from day to night without fuss. Add up to 6 coats, clump free! For more dramatic lashes in the evening, simply add more coats to build, define and volumise lashes to your desired look. Containing Jojoba Oil to condition and moisturise lashes to prevent them becoming brittle, lashes will be left soft, shiny and flexible even after eight layers."

Application: This mascara has a nice brush to it, not quite like a traditional one but not one of the plastic ones you often see these days. It has a good number of bristles - not so many that you feel like the product is stuck between them and applying too much, but not so little that your lashes clump together. A friend described the wand as like 'combing your lashes' and it really is. Each swipe/wiggle/stab/however you appy will leave a thin coat which allows you to build up more and more. Personally I just keep wiggling until I'm satisfied, do the other eye then come back for more. The size of the brush is perfect for getting right into the roots of your lashes without getting it everywhere too.

Buildability: It really does do as it says!! It will just pile on, and my lashes have never been stiff. The thing I loved about the Chanel mascara products was the look of false lashes that they gave me. Lash Adapt gives me a similar look, possibly even better. My lashes are long anyway, but this makes them seem even longer!

Longevity: This mascara is not billed as waterproof. I initially thought this was going to be an issue, but although I haven't tried swimming with it on, I have been to the gym, been out in the rain, been in the wind, to a wedding, had a full on cry.... and nothing. I've even slept in it and woken up with perfect mascara the next day. Seriously. I can imagine that if you did get this one wet, unless you rubbed your eyes really hard, it still wouldn't budge. After sleeping in it there is a little bit of creep, and sometimes when I've been to the gym and on the cross trainer for 30 minutes then lifted weights there is a smidge of creep, but seriously, that's pretty high energy, high sweat activity!

Colour: A good deep black, with no hints of grey.

Easy to remove? I think it is... but then I use an oil based eye make up remover (also by Boots) that has shifted the hardest to shift eye make up.

Here it is in action... (my face isn't really that shiny - flash and MSF is not a good mix!):

Where to buy: Priced at £12.50, Lash Adapt is available in Black and Brown in Boots stores or on www.boots.com

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  1. I'm always hunting for the perfect mascara too, I'm using Max Factor False Lash Effect at the mo, but you have intrigued me!


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