Monday, 17 October 2011

Hello again!!

So it is done. Completed. Finito. Over.

Well hopefully my exams are anyway. I still have a small matter of getting a pass on them, and then in about 5 months starting my dissertation, but meh, I'll think about that later.

For now, I have time. Precious time. I am looking at my weekend coming up and wondering how to fill the hours that I will have. Currently my plans include make 2 dresses and a skirt, adjust a further 2 dresses and finish cleaning the house. There might be some wine in there somewhere as well. But not too much, I'm trying to stick to Slimming World.

Speaking of which, I lost another 1lb last week (roughly 0.5kg for the metric fans out there), which takes my total loss over the last month to 7lbs or half a stone (3.5kg). I'm really pleased about this, and the difference is quite noticeable (hence having to take in 2 of the dresses I have made recently, including the one I made 2 weeks ago!). I'm back to the weight I was at the end of last year I think, but I feel and look slimmer. But the good news is that I feel great. And Slimming World is really really working for me, I think mainly because it has only involved a slight adjustment to the way I eat. I seem to be craving chocolate a lot though, which I don't really understand because I've never been a serious chocoholic! I'm trying to be good for the next couple of weeks because for Halloween we are going to a big night out in Leicester with some friends and there will be a lot of alcohol involved!! There will definitely be pictures of outfits - I am not pushing the boat out massively this year because of the time with my exams and stuff, but I'll look good for sure :)

In my other 'sorting myself out' line of thinking at the moment, I have been to the doctors about my skin today. She was very sympathetic and totally understood that nearly 10 years of penance is enough! She also didn't push me onto things I didn't want (benzoyl peroxide or topical anti b's), so I came away with a script for 2 months worth of anti-bs (and apparently they don't use the ones that make your skin really sensitive to the sun anymore), to be followed up at the end of that time. Likely I'll need to be on them for 6 months, maybe more, but if that is what it takes to have the skin of a grown woman then that is what it takes. I've also been (after some careful consideration and the Dr didn't tell me it was a terrible thing), been bathing my face and upper back with a weak Dettol solution every mornign and night after using a toner, which has helped enormously with the outbreak I had last week and keeping my skin relative clear. A few spots have come up but nothing too major. I intend to carry on with that treatment for 6 weeks and see how things are then.

So... sorry for the rambling post... I have other things to ramble about as well, but that's enough for one night! For now I'll leave you with a video that amused me and The Beard no end, to the extent we had to try it with Suki, our little furry princess.


  1. I went on ABs for my skin when I was about 15, had them for a long while but I've never had any skin problems since then! Hope it works for you x

  2. Also, from reading your last post, it seems we have similar skin and I had similar problems as a teen. My mum literally forced me to see the doc and practically forced the docs to help me; she kept taking me back until it was sorted out.


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