Thursday, 6 January 2011

Musical associations

I realised I haven't blogged about music lately. Ever really. Time to change that, seeing as music is so key to my life and emotions.
I was inspired to write having been transported to a different time whilst listening to Within Temptation's The Silent Force album. I first discovered WT when I used to go clubbing in Plymouth. The club I used to go to had a big projector screen above the dancefloor which would be playing interesting videos, usually not related to the music. For a couple of weeks I went there, they were playing a video of a concert in a big stadium. I was intrigued by the costumes (corsets and boots, my fave!), the pyrotechnics, and just how incredibly popular this band seemed to be. Not to mention that the lead singer is gorgeous! I asked the DJ and he told me it was Within Temptation. Cue a bit of rummaging around on the net, and I managed to find out a little more about them and fell in love with their songs. The Silent Force is one of my favourite of their albums, with some wonderful choral work, heavy riffs, atmospheric music... If you watch one DVD of a concert, make it their performance at Java Island in Amsterdam.

So I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures of me back in those days where I was still really experimenting with my image and look...

Just before a night out in 2005/6... check out how skinny I am!

At a Lacuna Coil gig in 2006. I had recently purchased Black pigment and Dark Side lipstick!

An artist's rendition of me circa 2006

Rocking big lips early 2007

Looking fierce in 2007

Those were the days before things changed quite a lot for me. It has taken me quite a while to reflect and really accept the changes in me, and embrace the fact that I am growing older. In some ways the me in those pictures is still a little girl, still a child finding her way. The me now has found her way, found her path and her companion.

Anyway, I digress a little - music and style was the point of this post! Listening to Within Temptation makes me want to run home and put on my flounciest skirt, lace myself into my corset and bounce around the house with my big boots on. Make up would have to be dark and sultry eyes, with a mid tone lip.

I feel a feature coming on... music inspired outfit and make up! Let's see whether I can make a start on this at the weekend!

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