Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Girls in white dresses...

Well, not me! We're going to a wedding in April, so I need a frock obviously!!

Being a rather unconventional shape, I find custom made dresses better than shop bought ones. Thankfully I am a bit handy with a sewing machine and am quite adept at adapting patterns to what I want.
I absolutely adore Alexander Miller fabrics, and there is a whole new collection.

I have chosen this one to make the dress for the April wedding:

I have a pattern that I made a dress from a couple of years ago with another Alexander Miller fabric, which I may need to buy a new version of as I have put on a bit of weight since I made the last dress, but it is a lovely pattern nonetheless. Or I might look for something new...
This is the pattern I used before and I have in my collection:

This is a possible contender.. I quite like the fuller skirt and the neckline on the black and white version.

Any thoughts?


  1. Love the fabric and the pattern, tres chic! I hope you plan on wearing something equally fabulous to our wedding!


  2. Of course!! Equally if not more chic!!


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