Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Long layers make for a relaxed fluid look

Following on from my last post about style evolution, I thought I'd share with you my current style loves. Right now that is fluid, draped style.

I've been slow to come round to loose draped layers, long preferring a much more fitted silhouette. But something is turning, call it age or just evolution, and now I find myself seeking looser, longer styles.

There is just something I really like about an oversized long knitted jumper or long top paired with skin tight ponte trousers and chunky boots. I've been looking for a direction to move my home style in, and now I found it. Although it is so comfy and I love the look so much I might end up moving my work style into it as well....

This set below is pretty much what I'm wearing at the moment (the outfit on the left). The jumper is actually a knitted dress, but due to my above average height it hits at just the right spot on me to wear with trousers as a long jumper. I would not wear this with tights!

fluid lines

fluid lines by m4dswine featuring leather shoes

Jumpers from H&M, black treggings from Dorothy Perkins, camo jeans and leather jacket from Long Tall Sally, boots by New Rock (top) and Doc Martens (bottom). 

The key thing for me with this look is balance. Voluminous top paired with bodycon bottom and balanced out with chunky boots. Crucially for me, the bottoms need to have plenty of give (although the camo jeans aren't that stretchy, their construction makes them extremely comfortable). Perhaps I'm keeping in mind some kind of apocalypse where a large sweater that doubles as a tent/blanket paired with trousers that allow for quick escapes are the ideal outfit? Who knows. 

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