Monday, 24 September 2012

Wardrobe basics: Tops

Zellain from The Morbid Fashion and I are obviously on the same wavelength, as last week she posted her guide to building a Basic Grown Up Goth Wardrobe about the same time I was talking about the evolution of style.

Anyway, reading her post (which was way better than mine!) made me think about expanding on it all a bit further. Thus, a weekly series of posts was born. So without further ado, let us start with Tops.

Tops cover a wide range of garments, from the formal to the informal, the comfy to the stiff.

Starting with shirts.

Black Shirts/Blouses

As you can see blouses and shirts can be quite structured or not so much, some might even be non traditional like the one in the bottom left (which incidentally I am going to go on a hunt for, it is from H&M and costs £14.99). Bear in mind that not everyone can wear a traditional button down, which is why I've included one without the buttons on the front. I am one of those people - I just look a bit stiff and uncomfortable in most button down shirts and blouses, as I have pretty wide shoulders and a relatively small bust.

So if button downs aren't your thing, then something a little formal but different might be just the ticket, particularly for those times when you need something a little more formal.

I have my eye on this top, and will definitely be going to try and track it down!


I'm not entirely sure what you'd wear that top with other than skinny jeans, but that is something to address when necessary. A top like that will serve neatly in formal situations but has enough edge to keep it different.

Next up, T shirts. T shirts are a staple part of my wardrobe, and I couldn't do without them. Patterned or plain, they are functional and can provide either the perfect backdrop for some spectacular jewellery, or display a cutting edge design that sets you out from the crowd. Or somewhere in between.

I think in this day in age a good quality cotton t-shirt can look quite smart with the right accompanying garments and accessories. A good quality black t-shirt that isn't faded can look crisp, professional and polished when paired with a pencil skirt, heels and a statement necklace.

Black Tops

Finally, something a bit different. Look for interesting necklines, detailing, textured fabrics or unusual sleeves. I have a lovely soft jersey top from French Connection which has these incredible shoulder details and a really low back. Unfortunately it is a little short in the body but it looks phenomenal with my underbust corset (and I don't have a photo of it!).

Interesting tops

 I've picked out all black and dark grey tops because that it what I do best, but of course other colours are permissible!

Next week: Continuing the upper body theme with jumpers and coats.

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