Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Coco Noir

via Chanel

The new fragrance by Jacque Polge for Chanel is described as "a Luminous Orient" comprising of top notes of grapefruit and bergamot, alongside rose, jasmine, Indian sandalwood and patchouli.

When I first read about this perfume I thought I might like it. Then I read the fragrance description and I was sceptical. I am not a lover of 4 out of 6 of those notes. Grapefruit is too fruity, rose too musty, and sandalwood and patchouli I will usually avoid with a barge pole.

So, either my nose is changing or this perfume is magical, because when I sprayed the tester on my arm yesterday, I fell in love.

It starts out sweet, like Coco Mademoiselle but sharper, then quickly dries down into this exotic, bewitching fragrance that reminds me a little of No 5, a little of Coco, but with a fresher twist. I could not stop sniffing my arm, and when I got home it received the cat's seal of approval - it actually made her go a bit nuts and start rubbing up against everything!

It is simple, yet complex. Much like Chanel's clothing designs, it has a simplicity and truth about it, but an opulence that cannot be denied. This is my kind of perfume.

I need it in my life. Trust me to pick an expensive perfume - 50ml retails at €98.

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