Tuesday, 5 July 2011

REVIEW: Illamasqua Eyeshadows in Intense and Stalk

Today I decided to try out my new Illamasqua eyeshadows. There are no full face shots of me because I don't feel like smiling after receiving my worst academic grade EVER. So make do with a close up of my handy work instead. Proper swatch pictures at the bottom! 

The Blurb
Bring a room to its knees without saying a word. Each of these glorious colours makes a statement that is as individual as you are. Highly pigmented, these long-lasting colours ensure all-night intensity. Experiment and be bold.
The colours are definitely highly pigmented, one of the reasons I chose to pick up some eyeshadows. I have to admit I am not a fan of matt eye colours, which these 2 colours are, but the level of pigment in the swatch I did in store persuaded me to give these a go. 

Application: Using my trusty Pixiwoo taught application technique of 'pushing' the colour onto my eyelid with a MAC 239 brush, these colours went on really well. There was no fall out from the Stalk application and only a miniscule amount from the Intense application, I think largely due to where I was placing it in my crease line. The colours blended easily with a MAC 217 brush, although they did become a little more muted once they had been blended, but this is something I sort of expect with matt shadows and I applied to a 'dry' base, rather than a sticky one. I applied them dry, but I suspect a wet application would yield even more intense colouration.

Colour: Intense is described as a rich teal blue with a matt finish, and Stalk is described as a rich teal green with a matt finish. I chose these 2 colours because they work well together, but are the sort of colours I'd normally go for. 
Stalk is similar in colour to MAC's Gulf Stream, a LE eyeshadow from a couple of summers ago. It is one of my favourite colours I have from MAC, and this is similar but different. The green is more green I think. 
Intense is similar to what I imagine MAC's Plummage to be like (a colour I don't own because I am always disappointed when I swatch it!). The depth of blue is gorgeous and it is a proper deep teal blue. Despite its matt finish, this almost has a two tone quality to it. 

Longevity: I have had no creasing so far, and I've had the shadows on for 5 hours so far. I don't normally get creasing with shadows to be honest, so I would expect this from such a high end (and pricey) brand. Under my eye has lasted well too, with no visible fall out or shift. 

Price/Where to buy: £15.50 each, available from Illamasqua.com, Illamasqua counters and Debenhams.com.

Final verdict: I need to experiment more with these I think, but I am pleased with the finish and longevity. I love the colours and the pigmentation level is great - even though they became more muted after blending the colours are still bright and intense. 
L-R: MAC Prussian, Illamasqua Intense, Illamasqua Stalk, MAC Gulf Stream

Stalk (L) and Intense (R)

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