Thursday, 7 July 2011

New Series! Awesome films and why they are awesome!

Starting with my absolute favourite: Highlander.

Starring: Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, Roxanne Hart
Anyone else? Hugh Quarshie!
Directed by: Russell Mulcahy
Written by: Gregory Widen

What is it about? The film follows the fortunes and life of Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod after he discovers he is immortal. He has to learn how to fight and live with his 'gift'. Which is where Sean Connery steps in. As an Egyptian with a Scottish accent. All this is in preparation for the final fight, because..... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

Why is this film so awesome? Basically, this film is cheesy as hell. But I defy you to loathe it once you've seen it. It has sword fighting, car chases, 1980s New York cops, flashback sequences,an AWESOME soundtrack (written entirely by Queen, and includes some imaginative uses of now classic refrains) and Christopher Lambert.
It utilises the classic hero's journey method of storytelling, albeit in a non linear format. There is conflict, and resolution, love and hate. There are amazing wide shots of incredible scenery, some of the cheesiest 80s smooth music you will ever hear Freddie Mercury sing (but somehow it is still oh so classy) and the obligatory 1980s sex scene.

Being an avid Queen fan this film was always going to be a must see for me. I love it so much I own 2 copies of it! It is now available on Blu Ray, remastered for the HD generation and although due to the film's age the difference is somewhat negligable, the Blu Ray version is the Directors cut which is well worth watching for the extra scenes. And it is quite pretty in HD.

They don't make films like this anymore. I don't really want to mention the sequels and spin offs, except to say: don't go there. The sequels get progressively worse, and whilst the TV series started out in a passable fashion, it lost the plot eventually. There is a cartoon, and an anime version. I have seen the cartoon version, which only really makes sense if you've seen the second film, but have yet to see the anime version.

Apparently, as is the trend in Hollywood these days, there are plans afoot to 'reboot' Highlander. I think the less I say about that idea, the better.

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