Friday, 24 June 2011

Cardiff, here I come!!

Tomorrow morning I will be boarding a train to Cardiff. The primary purpose of my trip is the annual family sojourn to the FIM Speedway GP at the Millenium Stadium. We're all big speedway fans in my family, partly because my grandfather was a rider before my dad was born. Since we don't have any speedway here in Exeter any more and I don't ever seem to have time to go to Somerset, I really enjoy this annual trip with my dad, sister, uncle and a family friend.

We always support one of the riders who is from Cornwall (he's my age and went to school with a load of my college mates) but I always like to support the Swedes as well because the Beard is Swedish. This year I'll even have some flags, after the Beard's 30th Swedish themed birthday party left us with a box full!

I'm really excited to go and have a good nose around the Illamasqua counter - I'm usually in a rush or harassed when I go there, so it'll be nice to have the luxury of some time. And of course there will be an obligatory nose through the MAC counter (thankfully Debenhams in Cardiff has both so there won't be too much running about!). There is sushi and Krispy Kreme to be investigated as well :)

I also plan to visit Cardiff Castle, having recently applied for an ArtFund National Art Pass through the Telegraph's offer. It is only a 3 month taster card but I figured I'd put it to good use when I have some time to kill!

I'll be armed with my camera, so I'll take some pics of my adventure :)

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  1. I'm off to cardiff tomorrow too to visit family! Have a great time and see you on the motorway!


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