Monday, 13 June 2011

Another hectic week ahead

I have a couple of assignments due in in 10 days and an arseload of reading to do to complete them. To top it off, the Beard (aka my proof reader) is disappearing off to Spain at the end of the week, right before my deadline. My plan is to hardcore it and get the assignments done before he goes, but if that doesn't happen I will have to ask my Mum really nicely!!

Therefore I might be a bit quiet... I some posts formulating in my head but no brain space to write them at the moment!! So please forgive me... normal service should resume shortly!!

My week ahead looks a little like this:

Dealing with insurance people and the letting agents
Eyebrow threading (I am quite excited about this, my eyebrows need some serious attention now I have a really short fringe)
More work
More studying
Going to the gym

See you on the other side!


  1. o0o, I need to do some eyebrow threading too. Haha. Good luck on your assignments!


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  2. Thank you!! Hopefully they will come out of my brain in a timely fashion!!


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