Monday, 11 April 2011

Tired now, bed please!

The Mr and I have just had a fab, but tiring weekend. We've been up in Yorkshire celebrating my best friend's birthday, with glorious sunshine, ice cream in Sainsbury's, drinking and dancing, and a massive kebab! I have no pictures, because like an idiot I forgot to take my camera. I do have an achey neck and am still shattered from the 4am bedtime on Sunday morning, with a 10am wake up, then all the driving.

I think I shall be taking it slightly easy today, nothing too strenuous, and I think time to catch up with Holby City. There is of course housework to be done and I really really must finish my dress project and go and source a shrug to pair with it for the weekend. I have a couple in mind but just need to go and have a look.
Sadly the weather has become gloomier today, I am going to blame the colleague who sent me an email that used the word Sunny in the subject. Jinxing the weather...

I am quite excited because the first set of study materials for my next 2 modules of my masters arrived last week, only a month until I start those!! I'm quite looking forward to this one, it is called War, Intervention and Development, and is all about the positive and negative effects of civil wars and armed conflicts on the process of development. My other module is about institutional change, which is less exciting but as a compulsory module there was no way out of it! Still, I have still have to revise for my forthcoming exams in just under a month's time.

But first... breakfast.

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