Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding, what else?

I am not a fan of the Royal Family. I don't have a problem with them existing and being a figure head for our state but I do have a bit of a problem with the powers that the Queen theoretically holds in her hands. Still, I love a good wedding and so I settled down to watch it yesterday with my morning cuppa.

The moment the fashion world has been waiting for: That Dress. I held my breath as her helpers tucked her into the car, taking in the small details that could be seen at that moment. The lace was beautiful, the shape of the top stunning. Huw Edward's comments on the dress were making me chuckle too!
Then she arrived at the Abbey and stepped out of the car. I held my breath again and Huw announced that it was Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. I nearly cried with awe at the beauty of the dress, so perfectly understated for these austere times, but so wonderfully glamourous at the same time.

Coming on top of the majority of the guests being dressed in outfits from a variety of British designers, it was the icing on the cake. Despite the Beard commenting that from above she looked like a giant spat, I think she totally owned that Abbey right then and there.
Reminiscent of Grace Kelly and the Queen's wedding dresses, it had a perfect vintage echo with a modern twist.

 And doesn't William look handsome in his uniform?

My favourite outfit of the day was by far and away Samantha Cameron. She eschewed a hat in favour of glittery hair jewels, which has made her the talk of the press - how dare she be bare headed in front of the Queen? She doesn't strike me as a hat person (I'm not one either) so good on her for not succumbing to some ridiculous head gear for the sake of it.
Her dress was Burberry, and elegant and understated. The orange scarf clashed and complemented the dress beautifully, and her shoes..... oh god her shoes.....

I love her shoes, did I mention that? I managed to find out where they were from. Aldo. And they are on sale. I'm sorely tempted except I can't think where I'd wear them, they are thin stillettos and my crappy ankles make anything that thin impossible and I really shouldn't be spending money on frivolous things. I'm also not sure they'd fit.

But if you want to wear those beautiful shoes, then they can be yours for £49.90 from Aldo.

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  1. Great post, I really enjoyed it. The dress was indeed beautiful x


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