Sunday, 17 April 2011

Another fun filled weekend and my brand new dress!

It has been another fun and alcohol filled weekend, this time celebrating the marriage of 2 dear friends. We had lots of fun - meeting new people, catching up with those we haven't seen for a while, eating loads, drinking plenty, and laughing lots! It was by far and away the funniest wedding I've been to, but what do you expect when the bride and groom are both a little bit nuts?!
Unfortunately I've also not been feeling well, I have a bad sore throat which decided on Friday night to spread into my ears (a point of weakness in me) which has left me with slightly impaired hearing. I may well have been shouting at people all weekend, but given my throat is pretty crap right now that probably didn't deafen anyone! 

My outfit for the wedding garnered plenty of compliments, which I was pleased about given the blood, sweat and tears that went into it (not literally, although there were a lot of pricked fingers and swearing)!!
So here it is! 

The shoes are from Nine West, I bought them just before I graduated from uni, but they were absolutely perfect with this dress. I did pair it with a pale pink cropped cardigan from M&S but it was so warm that I took it off early in the day and didn't need to put it back on again. I did switch out into Converse later on in the evening, and ditched the voluminous underskirt (I was having to be a bit careful walking past things in case I knocked them off tables!) but the dress looks just as good! 

I've finished my edit of the photographs we took, and I'm sure the Beard will be doing his own soon. Meanwhile, I'm eating cupcakes, watching Stargate Universe and nursing my sore throat.


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