Saturday, 4 September 2010

Nails and stuff and things

I am going shopping today. I have decluttered my overflowing wardrobe, and readied it for the challenge of filling it with lovely things for Autumn/Winter.
I have painted my nails in Baby Goth Girl (see left) and know what I want. So that will be an interesting expedition but I am not too concerned, its still early on in the season yet, and the weather is still too warm for much in the way of A/W wear.

However, I am going to try to go to Cardiff next week because I am looking at the new Illamasqua collection and positively wanting to get in the car and go NOW!! (Cardiff being the nearest place that stocks it, in Debenhams).
If you haven't heard of Illamasqua, and you are a make up junkie like me, then you should really visit their website and weep with joy:
Not only are the colours fab looking, but the inspirations are to die for (Metropolis, 1920's Berlin and film noir to name a few). The overriding principles of Illamasqua seem to be to celebrate individual expression, and encouraging creativity through make up.
I've been a MAC fan since about 2005 and have remained loyal to the brand all this time. All my make up apart from mascara and some of my nail polishes is from them and I love love love it. Coveting Illamasqua feels like I'm cheating on my faithful partner.
Unfortunately MAC seem to be moving away from offering things like foundation and concealer in lighter colours and some of the colours aren't running as true as they used to in those products. Which makes it really difficult for a pale skinned person like me. Although I have yet to check out Illamasqua's foundation range in the flesh, if the website is to be believed, they cater for the lightest of skin tones.
Hopefully next weekend I can arrange that clandestine visit to the Illamasqua counter, and at least leave with the beautiful olive green nail varnish called Hectic.

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