Saturday, 11 September 2010

It's all about the leopards...

I'm slightly in love with leopard print at the moment. Surprisingly for me, who is normally all about the greys and whites and neutrals to accompany the black. It all stems from a pair of leggings I purchased in the TU sale at Sainsbury's earlier at the beginning of the summer, which were grey leopard print, and a bargain at £6.
I've now purchased some leopard print undies from Knickerbox at Ann Summers. Fear not though, Bet Lynch is a million miles away!!

In other news, I have discovered this morning that Lush are discontinuing the only product I really continue to buy from them: Enchanted Eye Cream. Let me tell you why I love this product. Ever since I was a child I have suffered from excema on my eyelids, a condition that has never ever gone away. I struggled for years to find an eye cream that kept this at bay without being too greasy or oily. Add to this a slight propensity for dark circles under my eyes and that called for something of a firming tightening nature. Where could I find a product that combined all these features into one formula?
Enchanted Eye Cream does this job. And now it will be gone. Whether or not they will replace it with something worthy remains to be seen.

I will go and buy a bottle to keep in stock (almost run out of the bottle I have at the moment) and when that is gone I shall mourn the last drop of precious precious eye cream.

If anyone has a suggestion for something equally as good, then please, tell me!!

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