Saturday, 6 September 2014

Trip to the UK - Cornwall Part 4

After my couple of days in London and Cardiff, I headed to Cornwall with my dad. I hadn't been home since just before we left the UK, so it was really nice to spend a whole week in Cornwall. Luckily the weather was excellent and I spent most of the time on the beach with my mum.


Another gloomy day, and this time it was gloomy over the north coast as well. After a trip into town to pick up a couple of things, we headed over to Gwithian to walk along the beach.

Gwithian is another one of our favourite beaches, as the bay is long and wide. There are often seals around the headland as well. The storm damage was evident when we tried to get down onto the beach - not an easy task! On the beach it was easy to see where the cliffs had collapsed in places, with the sediment still evident on the sand.

I took my parents for dinner on Friday night to a restaurant we'd passed in Truro, called Hooked. It is a fish and seafood bar, that also has tapas. Dad was driving (despite me suggesting that we get a taxi) but Mum and I enjoyed a lovely bottle of Cornish wine, grown and produced on the south coast, near Gorran Haven.

We ate so much food - I had a seafood platter which had mussels, cockles, prawns, scallops and fish, in a spicy ginger and lemongrass broth. With chips. At last, moules et frites! We started with some tapas, and finished with dessert. There was nothing on the dessert menu I could eat, so I had an espresso and an Amaretto instead.

Everything about the meal was fantastic, and I would definitely recommend it if you find yourself in Truro!


On Saturday I left the motherland to go back to London for my flight to Vienna. I had opted to take the train, as it is a rather scenic ride when you get to Dawlish in Devon, and I wanted to catch a glimpse of Exeter as well.

As ever it was hard to say goodbye, both to my parents and Cornwall. But as lovely and amazing as Cornwall is, it just isn't somewhere I can live at the moment. I will just have to keep it in my heart and try and visit as often as I can. 

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