Thursday, 4 September 2014

Trip to the UK - Cornwall Part 2

After my couple of days in London and Cardiff, I headed to Cornwall with my dad. I hadn't been home since just before we left the UK, so it was really nice to spend a whole week in Cornwall. Luckily the weather was excellent and I spent most of the time on the beach with my mum.


Monday was a relaxed day. Mum and I headed into Truro to have a look around and do some shopping. I procured a new bikini, some new underwear and some fabric to make some smart trousers from. Still have to do that....

Later in the day we headed over to the Eden Project, to see Elbow as part of the annual Eden Sessions.

Great food was eaten, beer was drunk and I actually really enjoyed the concert. Elbow aren't my usual sort of thing, but they surprised me a little. The final song was of course "One Day Like This", the song that became a bit of an anthem after being used in the London Olympics Closing Ceremony. The best part about the whole performance was the crowd sing-a-long at the end of the song (I'm rather partial to a bit of audience participation at gigs), made even more special when Guy Garvey asked if the crowd could sing in harmony. It being Cornwall, this happened immediately, drawing praise from Garvey at the prowess of the crowd.


The thing with the weather in Cornwall is that it can be so variable from one side to the other. My home is in the middle, on a hill, so it is sort of possible to see what the weather is like at the coasts. You can at least make a semi-educated guess. So when the weather in Truro dawned a little grey and overcast, we decided to head over to the north coast to see what it was like there. And packed sunscreen and swimming costumes just in case...

Our first destination was Bedruthan Steps. The beach here is lovely, although a steep climb down the cliffs to get it it. Thankfully the steps survived the storms earlier in the year; there was some places we went to later in the week where the damage was a lot greater.

We sat on the beach in our swimming costumes and ate lunch, and sunned ourselves for a while. The weather was so lovely and warm. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to swim at Bedruthan - the currents are very strong in the bay and it just isn't safe. So we climbed back up the steps and headed round the coast to Porth to catch the last of the afternoon sun. Mum didn't go in the water, but I did, finding it a nice pleasant temperature. It felt so good to be back in the sea again!

Coming tomorrow, Part 2 of my week in Cornwall!

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