Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Trip to the UK - Cornwall Part 1

After my couple of days in London and Cardiff, I headed to Cornwall with my dad. I hadn't been home since just before we left the UK, so it was really nice to spend a whole week in Cornwall. Luckily the weather was excellent and I spent most of the time on the beach with my mum.


Sunday started with relaxation and cooked breakfast courtesy of my dad (he cooks the best bacon!). As the weather was nice we headed out to Perranporth to have a walk along the beach.

We parked at the top of the cliff and had an ice cream from the van there - luckily for me they had a dark chocolate sorbet, which was amazing. The company is called Moomaid of Zennor, check them out!

There were a lot of jellyfish on the beach, but it was nice to walk barefoot across the sand. We sat and watch the sea and the surfers for a little bit before heading back to the car to go to Chapel Porth, just along the coast.

Chapel Porth is my favourite place in Cornwall. I don't know why, it is just the nicest place to go and sit and think, or admire the scenery. From the benches by the stack house you can see so far along the coast, especially when the weather is nice. The light is perfect, no matter what time of year. In my former dairy eating times I also loved going there for the hedgehog ice creams, but those days are gone I fear. But the scenery remains.

Our dinner that night was at the Pandora Inn, a 13th century inn on the river. I haven't been for ages, as it had a fire in 2011 and was closed for sometime while they repaired and restored the building. It was still closed during my last trip, and I was keen to go there while I was home.

 Again the views are quite lovely, up and down the river. It gets quite busy but we arrived a little later after the majority of the evening dinner rush was over. Thankfully it was warm enough to sit outside, and as I didn't have to drive, I could enjoy a nice pint or two of St Austell Ales.

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