Saturday, 29 June 2013

Things I like this week

Sorry for no posts, this week has been a hot mess of hecticness and I have been incredibly tired. In between going to the gym and doing household stuff after work, on the off nights I've been out with colleagues til quite late.

So I thought I'd share with you a few things that I've really enjoyed in this hectic week!

Edison - a quite cool cafe/bar in the 9th district of Vienna, where they have a vast menu of cocktails and long drinks, including Pimms No. 1 with ginger ale. Not too pricey, and Sundays is all you can eat brunch for €16.


Circuit training at the gym - oddly for someone who hates exercise, I love going to the gym. The fat burner zirkel training is perfect for me, as it keeps you moving and keeps it interesting. It seems to be working as well, as I can see my body getting leaner.

Beautiful weather - after the heat of the previous week, this one has brought a more mixed bag, and started out miserable. Lots and lots of rain, although much needed to cool the city down, was not so much fun if you needed to go out anywhere! However, the weather has improved in the last couple of days, bringing sunny weather with a cool breeze that keeps things a little fresh. When I was walking to the gym this morning I was actually reminded of the summer weather in Cornwall, warm and lovely in the sun but with that lovely fresh breeze. I suspect it is a little cool for the native Viennese, but for my Northern European soul it is perfect.

Catrice make up - unfortunately not available in the UK, but those in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia and the USA can get their hands on these fantastic products, which bring high end quality at drug store prices. I'm going to write a separate post about the things I have, but just look them up on Make Up Alley and see their ratings for yourself!

As my weekend is a little less hectic I'm hoping to finish a couple of posts I've been working on, but in the mean time, I bid you adieu, as I get to tidying and doing those boring housework things!

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