Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturdays are precious

There is nothing I like better on a Saturday morning than a nice lazy start. All too often recently have our weekends been taken up by visitors, events, happenings etc that have meant that the lie ins we so desperately crave have been cut short.

This isn't a bad thing, I enjoy visitors and being busy. But things have been so hectic over the last month it is nice just to take a moment relax.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah (the remix of the classic Bob Marley track is one of my favourite tracks ever, so completely 1999). So I'm going to leave the Beard in the shady comfort of our flat playing video games and head out to the shops for a little retail therapy. Aka the great hunt for a suitable cardigan for the season. In black (I have a taupe one). And maybe a little make up shopping, I fancy some new stuff. Not that I don't have enough already but since I changed my hair back to my natural colour (ish...), my perspective on make up has shifted and I'm finding that some of my current stuff just isn't working anymore (I'm sure this is why I resisted having natural hair for so long). I have my eye on a Paint Pot from MAC and a new lipstick of some description.

My most pressing decision right now is where to go to shop. I think the long Mariahilfer Strasse is winning somewhat because of the possibilities of the arty Neubaugasse and the food of Naschmarkt, plus the sun will be shining and there are loads of places to grab a soft drink in the sun.

Lunch in the arty/hippyish 7th district or on Naschmarkt will make life easier, as I'm currently back on a Slimming World based plan having basically spent the entire month of May drinking and eating like a mofo.

So to the shops I go. How successful I will be is unknown!

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