Thursday, 20 June 2013

25 facts about me

I love reading these posts, but find them so difficult to write. I also struggle when I am asked to do get to know you exercises at training workshops, no idea why as I'm normally a chatty thing! Anyway, here goes nothing!

1. I love cats. I have collected cat related stuff since I was a child, and now have 2 cats of my own.

2. My favourite food in the whole wide world is curry. I really miss good curry!

3. I have played a musical instrument of some description since I was 5 - I started with the recorder (descant and tenor), and added the piano, clarinet and bassoon. I can technically play the saxophone, oboe etc as well, because they have the same mechanics as the clarinet and bassoon. I've never played them though!

4. My favourite place to go on holiday is Greece. I love the food, culture, the islands, everything.

5. I am afraid of vampires, JCBs, large dogs, drowning and guns.

6. My favourite flowers are roses, especially dark red scentless ones, because the smell of roses makes me feel a little queasy.

7. The smell and taste of honey in its pure state makes me feel sick.

8. When I have a fry up, I don't like my beans to touch the other foods. When I make one at home I always have my beans in a separate bowl, and if I'm out, I will skip the beans altogether.

9. My tastes in music and films are wide and varied, but time after time I come back to rock/metal for listening, and action movies for watching.

10. I absolutely love Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. All of them.

11. I don't really feel the cold, even when the temperature is several degrees below freezing. This led me to tell a reporter from one of the Austrian radio stations, in a round about way, that Austrians are pussies. I may have been drinking.

12. Speaking of which, my biggest healthy living downfall is alcohol. Don't get me wrong, I can take it or leave it, but I do love a nice cool beer, or white wine spritzer in the summer, or a glass of red wine in the winter.

13. I spend a lot of money on skincare.

14. I feel more at peace with myself now I have turned 30. I can't even explain why, but maybe after a seriously hectic 20s, I am ready to chill out a bit now.

15. That said, I can never really shake off the feeling that I am not nearly as cool as I want to be.

16. I cannot keep plants alive. At all.

17. Cooking is my therapy. Except in the summer when it is really hot and all I want to do is grill meat and add salad and nice bread. In the cooler months though, I love creating different dishes and experimenting with ingredients.

18. My favourite ice cream is vegan coconut ice cream. The kind that is just made with coconut milk and cream. I think I should make some this summer.

19. Ever since I stripped my hair back to close to my natural colour, my choice of make up colours has become very boring and mainly taupe. 

20. Black nail polish rocks my world.

21. I am very allergic to mosquito bites.

22. My parents are my heroes. They have taught me everything good and bad about myself and supported me throughout, even when my choices were a little ill advised!

23. My favourite item of furniture is a vintage chair that once belonged to my grandparents. It was the only piece of furniture that came with us when we moved.

24. I watch The Apprentice every week even though it is totally cringeworthy. I like to think I could do so much better....

25. I am a proud feminist.

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