Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Cream of Eric Clapton and other tales of drunkeness

Last night we hosted a final farewell shindig for some of our lovely friends. The object of the game was to drink a selected portion of our bar. We all made a valiant effort but in the end we still only managed to empty a single bottle.

During the night the conversation turned to the music we were forced to listen to by our parents in the car as kids. Turns out, all our parent's had a copy of The Cream of Eric Clapton. Which, I'm sure you'll agree, is a terrible name for an album (fnar fnar).

But it did inspire some drink creation. The Cream of Eric Clapton cocktail was born.

You will need:

Bourbon - because EC is a big blues fan.
Creme de Cacao - smooth, like EC
Apricot Brandy - because everyone likes apricot brandy right?
Aperol (or Campari) - for that slight hint of bitterness that EC must have inside him.
Galliano - mmmm vanillery.
Milk - to add the 'cream'.

Due to slight drunkeness at time of creation, quantities are unknown. I suggest a shot each of bourbon, creme de cacao and apricot brandy, with a glug of Galliano and a splash of Aperol (seriously don't over do that). Put all the ingredients and some ice into a cocktail shaker, top up with milk and shake vigorously until chilled. Strain into small glasses and enjoy. With a snigger. 

*I wish I'd taken a photo of the end result last night but alas, we didn't.

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